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Our aim is not to be perfect.

It is to do the very best we can today, and get a little bit better tomorrow…

What We Do

The Organisation

The biggest question we’re asked is, well, what do you do?

Are you a networking group, a lobbying group, just another chamber, federation or association.

Well no.

Your Business World is best described as a business community that provides an environment where business owners can succeed.  And yes, we run lots of “networking events”, and yes we can provide lots of services just like any other “business organisation” in our market.

We’re Different

YBW however is totally unique.

What it is to you, well that’s your choice. 

We’ll tailor your experience to your needs – and when you grow and your needs change, so will we…

Our Story

Where it all began

People are often expecting a story that started because of a flash of inspiration or due to a life-changing event.  Unfortunately, our story didn’t start that way.

It’s not that exciting, either – but it is important.

The short story is that the “Your Business World” concept started towards the later end of the “naughties” when our founder, Brett Sheldon, was working as a Membership Adviser for the Federation of Small Businesses and got involved with the Birmingham networking scene.

Quite by chance talking to business owners during the 2008/09 recession, he realised that the “needs” of the average small business owner we’re not being met by your “traditional” business organisations.

The solution is simple – talk to your clients.
And then listen.

Amazing really, ask any business owner what they want and they’ll tell you.  So Brett did, he asked, he listened and he took action.  This complete shift in working started a journey, that one that has taken different paths, a journey that culminated in the launch of Your Business World in 2023.

The Journey

Is YBW what Brett imagined back in 2008?

“Not on your life – but the journey so far has been amazing”.  And that’s the beauty of YBW, it’s a journey, one that will never end, but one that will forever evolve around the needs of the small business community.

If you’d like to hear the full story, you can listen to Brett waffle on about it here (insert video).

GLOBAL Organisation

Well, Nearly…

We definitely have members outside the UK!

Trowers and Hamlins

Offices in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Oman & Malaysia


Richard Parkes



Alumni Service

Head Office in Singapore, locations in UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, but global reach


Hipposerve Digital Services

Head Office in UK, Offices in Albania, Montenegro and throughout the Balkans.


Meet Our Team

Brett Sheldon


Brett has worked in the Business Organisation world for 15 years and has supported in excess of 2700 businesses in that time, ranging from £100m+ turnover to pre start ups.

Emma Sheldon


Brett’s Wife can be found at many of YBW’s in person events, working front of house and always happy to help members to connect.


Chief Happiness Officer

May change job title to escavation engineer, but always first to greet you on YBW Walks or the YBW BBQ – guard your burger though….

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